Clean Planner: A Practical Calculation and Planning Tool

Clean Planner is a software tool that allows you to calculate the personnel, time, and cost requirements for the cleaning of entire buildings.

The tool is based on carefully ascertained indicators from past cleaning projects, and is available in the versions ‘Free’, ‘Standard’, and ‘Expert’  exclusively from Wetrok.

CleanPlanner Free 

Quick help for your object cleaning calculations
The tool will help you get your budget under control, plan your personnel requirements and your very own “Room Log”, and even allows you to export all data into PDF format. The Free version is the basic version, from which the Standard and Expert versions are derived.

CleanPlanner Standard 

For exact calculations of object cleaning requirements
Create your own templates and service directory, and export the resulting data to Word or Excel. The program can be adapted to match your corporate design.

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CleanPlanner Expert 

For highly precise calculations of object cleaning requirements
This professional tool will allow you to adapt all data to your specific requirements. The Expert version is derived from CleanPlanner Standard. It is furthermore multi-user network-capable and provides absolute transparency with regards to accruing cleaning costs and required additional services. (Incl. training) 

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Clean Planner will significantly simplify resource planning in terms of personnel, technical equipment, and finances. Its user interface is intuitive and easy to use. Why not get to know the benefits and advantages of this unique calculation and planning tool? One of our Wetrok experts will be happy to arrange a practical demonstration for you.

Go ahead and register for the Free version today! The Free version will allow you to upgrade to Standard or Expert when you are ready. Our Wetrok experts will be happy to offer professional advice: expose(at)

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